Sep 28, 2018

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SOMETHING ABOUT HAPPINESS (Đôi điều về hạnh phúc)

SOMETHING ABOUT HAPPINESS (Đôi điều về hạnh phúc) SOMETHING ABOUT HAPPINESS            Preface: I wrote this article in Russian so you cannot read in English as usual. That’s why I have translated it into Vietnamese for your understanding. What pushed me to write in the language of the Land of Birches? It’s because President V.Putin reportedly visited a Tibetan tantric monastery in the capital of autonomous Siberia Republic in Russia. In front of many tantric practitioners, Putin pledged to give whole-hearted support to the development of Vajrayana in his country, which has touched the heart of a Tantric master like me. In return, I wrote this article as a gift offered from a Vietnamese tantric practitioner… Dear readers, I am happy and successful and I pray for everyone to obtain similar achievements. But please don’t think these achievements are reaped easily. I took a hard time before getting fruits. In the past, I only

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