Oct 13, 2018

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Letter to Disciples No.76: THAT EARLY SPRING FEELING (Cảm tác đầu xuân)

Letter to Disciples No.76: THAT EARLY SPRING FEELING   Dear disciples, Dau Chan Phat Pond (Buddha’s Foot-shaped Pond) The spring had just begun but waves of cold air kept flowing from the mountainous Phuoc Thanh Village to Song Nguyen Tantra House. On the first morning of the Lunar New Year, I went down to feed the fish in Dau Chan Phat Pond (Buddha’s Foot-shaped Pond). The garden was still faintly redolent of the epiphyllum flower (or Hoa Quỳnh as they called in Vietnam) that my disciples, Mat Nga and Mat Mai, offered two days before. The fish wiggled and wiggled like jolly kids gamboling in the water, seemingly feel this special atmosphere. Dozens of baby softshell turtles were lying flat on the pond’s wall, being fully relaxed. Those two old turtles had already come out of their shell calmly waiting for my feeding, then slowly chewing their simple breakfast. The “lotus

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