Sep 26, 2018

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A VIEWPOINT ON CHARITY (Một góc nhìn về hoạt động từ thiện)

A VIEWPOINT ON CHARITY (Một góc nhìn về hoạt động từ thiện) A viewpoint on charity “Did you see P’s recent photos at a charity posted on facebook?” I smiled in response and then browse on facebook to see how her boyfriend is doing with his charitable work. Sharp, up-close photos popped up showing the face of every person who participated in that charity. I glimpsed through the pictures then quickly switch back to the news. I have once asked P the reason for doing charitable work; and the answer – not only to help others but also (and primarily) to get him and his company some publicities. That is an example about using charity as a medium to advertise one’s name or business, a tactic often used by those who want to “upgrade” themselves, to build their image, especially in the field of art and business. I recall working for a charity under the Red Cross 20 years ago when I

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